Basil has many medicinal properties which help in curing cold,        cough, fever, Eczema , kidney stones and heart disorders.
   Lemon  well known for its vitamin-C content which boosts your     immunity.
    ALOVERA    It is used most commonly to treat sunburn, rashes,       psoriasis, eczema and gastric problems. ... However, this is some good clinical evidence that Aloe Vera gel can be effective in treating the symptoms commonly associated with eczema: dry, broken and irritated skin which is vulnerable infections.

.Second Way:
Coconut Oil:Apply coconut oil in whole body or to the affected area.Leave it overnight for maximum benifits.It soothes skin irritation
and reduces the further risk of skin infection.
While using coconut oil your skin hydrated which reduces the skin 
Coconut oil also reducing pain and discomfort experienced in eczema.
coconut oil contain lauric acid which reducing bacteria,virus and fungi 

Drink 3-4 liter Water: Drink 3-4 liter water daily.If you drink 3-4 liter
water daily then your skin is hydrated which reduce the skin irritation.

Change diet plan: Make sure you eat that food which rich in Omega 3
fatty acid,such that fish oil,flaxseeds and can also add
in your diet green vegetable like broccoli, spanich, cucumber.It 
can reduce the inflammation in your body.Opt for low glycemic 
whole carbohydrate sources such as oats,quina and sweet potato,as
well as low suger fruits such as berries,apples and pears.All type of 
eczema can potentially be improved by changes in diet.